DevOps & Automation

DevOps is a concept emerging from the confluence of two major related trends. The first was called “agile system administration” or “agile operations.” It sprang from applying newer Agile and Lean approaches to operations work. DevOps is a combination of Development & Operations and is a software development methodology which integrates the functions of development & operations in the same cycle with a large emphasis on automation of build, deployment and testing in a continuous deployment mode. DevOps can be considered as an extension of Agile, but with Operations roped into the release cycle and everything in the chain automated to reduce the code-to-production time.


The concept of DevOps comes from increasing the need for innovation on the systems side of technology work.


It is an evolution of agile system administration. In a traditional software engineering organization, the QA group is often seen as separate from the Development group. Developers and testers have different roles, different responsibilities, different job descriptions, and different management.


Though development and QA group are two distinct entities, in a DevOps environment, these two teams work together as one to deliver a product. Companies are rapidly adopting this organizational model to facilitate a practice of automated software deployment. In automation, DevOps provides the structure that enables teams to push software out as a service on a weekly, or daily, or even hourly basis. The traditional concept of a “software release” melts away into a continuous cycle of service improvement.


The word “High -Quality” is the main aim of DevOps. If you can’t reliably push high-quality and resilient software out the door, DevOps would fail as a function.


Our Expertise

Bhavna Corp. employs the practice of operations and development teams participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.


We follow an industry-standard DevOps model including:

  • DevOps principles
  • DevOps process and metrics
  • DevOps values
  • DevOps culture
  • DevOps tools




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