Purpose & Description:

Energy companies face intense market and competitive pressures. Companies are challenged with commodity price volatility, changing government regulations, and new forms of competition. Managing through these industry cycles is paramount to building shareholder value. Continued industry consolidation and globalization will require companies to be proactive in capitalizing on new market opportunities and continuous operating improvements.

Developing modern technology infrastructure and applications for the energy industry must incorporate cloud and mobile offerings, integrate with valuable legacy systems and infrastructure, and be streamlined and flexible. Development and implementation of effective technology solutions will improve asset utilization, visibility and control. It will also enhance adaptability and speed to take advantage of fast changing market dynamics and increasing compliance requirements and security concerns.

The utilities sector is also undergoing unprecedented change due to growing demand, environmental and regulatory mandates, changing consumer expectations, and new forms of competition. The industry is facing challenges including aging infrastructure, security concerns, service reliability and adoption of new technologies for a mobile work force as well as customer service.

IT strategy for many utilities still remains closely focused on running existing operations, and yet they face an array of issues that require strategic IT investment and innovation. Bhavna helps utilities to innovate by streamlining business processes across a full breadth of applications.

Bhavna Corporation has achieved a strong track record of success with global energy and utility companies by combining presence, in-depth industry knowledge, functional expertise and a consultative approach to deliver unique solutions. We distinguish ourselves by forming responsive, cross-border project teams, matching Bhavna’s expertise with those of the client. Our mission is to build deep and committed client relationships, driven by their success.

Our engineers and subject matter experts can help in the design and implementation of leading edge technologies, as well as the integration of multiple systems, including industry standard third party products. Our close collaboration with clients combined with our experienced team ensure delivery of high quality results. At every step of decision making process, we work closely with our clients and provide end to end support.

Our Expertise:

Bhavna Corporation is dedicated to driving standards of excellence within our industries, and has delivered solutions to the Power, Gas, Water, Waste and Renewable industries as well as the associated supply chains.

The right technology partner will blend industry knowledge with expertise across a broad set of technologies, applications, middleware and infrastructure. Bhavna specializes in modernizing legacy platforms, streamlining existing systems, and integrating new IT systems.

Bhavna’s focused solutions and implementation approach offers lower risk with high quality to create value in accelerated timeframes, using pre-configured templates, tools and built-in best practices. Capabilities include:

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