Purpose & Description:

A Dedicated Development Center (DDC) model is the provision of full-time cost-effective development resources allocated to work exclusively for a single client on a long-term basis. A dedicated development team is allocated exclusively in such a model, and cannot be assigned to any other tasks or clients.

The team will study your requirements, business objectives, project expectations, and preferences. If there are any questions, they will be brought to your attention in a timely manner for clarification. The team’s business hours can be adjusted to client time zones per an on demand basis. Teams communicate via medium like chat, email, teleconferencing and video conferencing. Change requests are much easier to make. You can change priorities, specifications, and other project details at any time via simple communication. No special change requests tracking and no budget reviews are required. Bhavna provides project status reports, covering all project components, tasks, workload, idle time, and progress.

Our Expertise:

Bhavna Corporation provides a development team that corresponds to the client’s methodologies, practices, workflow, management style and even business culture. This dedicated team works only on a particular client’s projects and is managed as if it were their internal department. Clients are charged a fixed monthly fee per each full-time employee and Bhavna is responsible for keeping the workload of the dedicated team at the specified levels. We interview and hire the dedicated development team to develop your software, customized web application, eCommerce website, or mobile application. Bhavna also offers a partnership model with an offshore dedicated team.

Bhavna follows a well-defined and established process in the creation of your offshore development center and project development. Multiple technical and support services such as project development, QA and testing etc. are involved to deliver need-based solutions.

Analysis->Requirements gathering->approval-> delegation of work (Team and roles)->Integration->Process and methodology-> development->Support and maintenance

We provide two types of offshore dedicated teams.

Recruiting, training, and maintaining your current in-house software development team can make a software development project a real financial challenge, not to mention the time and effort that an organization could better apply to the improvement of core business activities. With an offshore dedicated team, our clients can directly manage and monitor the individual developers. We assist you in hand selecting a team of qualified technical specialists, programmers, software architects, QA engineers, and business analysts that are fully dedicated to accomplishing your project objectives.

Whether you are planning to keep your involvement to a minimum or, on the contrary, you need to have total control over every stage of your project, you can additionally hire an experienced software development manager to supervise your development team on-site. This dedicated manager will run your team, act as the point contact person, and update you on the project progress with daily work reports.