Purpose & Description:

Consulting services can take the form of analysis and refinement of processes, development and implementation of operating metrics, or examination of operations to determine areas for improvement. Bhavna consultants bring years of hands on experience in these domains across a range of industries, technologies, and development environments. Our teams are typically able to come to the client’s site often within 24-48 hours of contract signing. Bhavna’s proprietary work stream process allows our consultants to efficiently and effectively complete preliminary reviews and information gathering and provide initial reports and recommendations within two weeks of the site visit.

Due diligence case services have been provided to venture capital and private equity investors as well as to company management considering an acquisition. Our experienced managers, engineers, and architects have been trained in Bhavna’s well developed due diligence methodology. We provide an in depth view and analysis of the organization, engineering process and methods, development environment, product design and architecture, operating metrics, security posture, and product development history.

Bhavna Corporation helps our clients achieve and sustain success through measurable, implementable and customized solutions. As a trusted advisor, Bhavna Corporation consults and leads organizations to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve resilience. Assisted by our experienced consultants and best in class practices, Bhavna Corporation provides business and functional transformation solutions, as well as compliance services.

Our engineers and subject matter experts can assist in design and implementation of leading edge technologies, as well as in the integration of multiple systems, including industry standard third party products. Our close collaboration with clients combined with our experienced team ensure delivery of high quality results. At every step of the decision making process, we work closely with our clients and provide end-to-end support.

Our Expertise:

Bhavna Corporation has developed a unique due diligence framework, supported by a team of architects, engineers, managers, and subject matter experts. We generate comprehensive and data driven due diligence reports and business analysis for our clients, which become an integral part of their decision making process. Our teams take great pride in providing a confidential and unbiased perspective to our clients, with deep insights in how to enhance the value of both people and process..

After meeting with executive management or an investor group to explain the results of our work, Bhavna Corporation is often asked to prepare plans for improvement, evaluate new markets, or explore potential acquisition targets.

We are highly skilled doing analysis and consultation in the following areas: