Software & Technology

Purpose & Description

The fast pace and enhanced impact of technology on business has increased the need for an IT partner who has deep expertise in enabling innovation, can deliver highly reliable products on time, with agility and speed. IT services organizations around the world face a growing number of challenges with regard to their ability to manage talent, risk and reward programs.

Such organizations as well as other institutions need fresh thinking and ideas on the roles executives and employees should play in driving value for the business, both now and in the future. Fast changing and increasingly competitive markets have caused many IT companies to realign their businesses, organizational structures and cultures in response to new competition, regulations, and shareholder demands for a tighter focus on core areas of expertise.

Our Expertise

Bhavna Corp. can take over operational control for the complete software development process, if requested, with progress monitored against agreed upon benchmarks.

The client can elect to have deep involvement in the process, or only be involved in defining and agreeing on requirements as well as reviewing the most important intermediate and final results.

Our teams possess years of experience in delivering complex, cross-border projects.

A commitment to delivering high quality, scalable solutions on time and within budget incorporates best in class delivery approaches, including SDLC, Agile, Scrum and large Program Management Methodologies. We have Design Center Excellence in several technology domains – Java, C/C++ and .Net. We also have expertise in developing video products in C/C++, and Telecom/Systems related solutions in Linux/Unix & C/C++ environments.

Bhavna Corp. closely collaborates with our clients to set up software development teams that correspond to the clients' methodologies, practices, workflow, management style and even business culture.

Benefits of working with us

  • High Performing, Cost Effective, Scalable Team
  • Efficient Software Development with Consistency
  • Strong Product and Site Security Practices
  • Comprehensive Project Management Process
  • Well-developed Set of Operating Metrics
  • Expand Access to Affordable Care with Reduction in Cost

As your preferred outsourced technology partner, we bring a host of business advantages when you engage with us. You can easily add unmatched business value to your business with our domain expertise, technology capabilities, in-house tools, process management, and unique project management methodology.

Our industry-endorsed workflow will integrate seamlessly with your methodologies, practices, SDLC processes, and business culture to deliver phenomenal ROI with this engagement model. Scaling up or down becomes easy as your organization is now made flexible with our scalable and cost-efficient team.