Today’s competitive business world sees a high level of churn and business communities need to catch up with these rapid changes by finding new means of reaching the market expeditiously. This results in demand for reusability across diverse systems for which SOA (service-oriented architecture) has become a common and widely-accepted approach. To bring these diverse systems together through SOA, a specific approach towards Middleware testing is required. Bhavna provides a specialized approach through years of experience in testing various enterprise solutions.
SOA testing can be carried out through top-down or bottom-up approach depending on the service user types involved and the testing scope. Be it a service provider, a service consumer, or a service broker, our approach provides support to all. Our testing focuses on three prime test requirement categories (which we have also abbreviated as SOA) across various SOA layers:
• Standards to ensure
• Objectives to achieve
• Approach to follow

• Experience of Web Services (SOAP, REST) and API testing for multiple domains and solutions across multiple environments
• Expertise in tools and frameworks such as Visual Studio, SoapUI, REST Assured, xUnit, and JMeter for Web Service and API testing
• Dedicated architects and technology experts to build development and testing capabilities on SOA and other traditional architectural solutions
• Clientele from geographical regions such as USA and Europe


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Bhavna is an “open book” company that operates with full transparency so we can become an extension of our clients' organizations.

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