Parking Permit Management Software

Development of self-registration mobile apps and web interfaces with automated SMS or push notifications to alert users of permit expirations. Permit management software creation including customizable time-limit and renewal settings, group and extended stay management, plus database programming for vehicle details, contact info, guest manifests, payment history, and parking violations.


Parking Access Control

We develop Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and smart decal software systems for gate access control, vehicle tracking, and automated restricted-user alerts that notify security personnel, tow services, or law enforcement depending on prior delinquencies, with custom systems designed for public or residential transparency.


Mobile & Kiosk Parking Payments

Programming and implementation of self-service kiosks with Ticket In / Credit Card Out and Credit Card In / Credit Card Out (TICO/CICO) functions, smart meter, and mobile app technology. Development of payment processing features integrated with banking and accounting software for end-to-end revenue management, and payment channel development for e-ticket settlement, reservation, and valet platforms.


Parking Enforcement Management

We develop mobile parking attendant applications for issuing virtual and QR-coded paper tickets using handheld printers, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), automated fee calculations, form editing, appeal management, notetaking, photo software for documenting property and vehicle damage, and security, tow service and law enforcement communication channels.


Parking Management Business Solutions

We create business intelligence systems powered by data from guest registration systems, meters, kiosks, and smart sensors with reporting modules for rate planning and scheduling. Custom smart sensors, integrated with Global Positioning Systems to direct drivers to open spaces using apps and digital signage, plus data and reporting tools to generate operational suggestions.


Parking Surveillance Implementation

Integration of IP HD camera technology with parking management platforms to record footage automatically when motion is detected and alert security when banned vehicles enter the premises. Programming of custom mobile attendant apps to access feed and sensor data while in the field.


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