Organizations realize the importance of data integration as they expand, and the churning of data for information looks very complex for its runtime usability. The ever-growing business demand for information is insatiable, driven by performance management, competitive pressures, industry regulations, and the exchange of data with suppliers, partners, and clients. To make sound and competitive business decisions, an organization must establish a concrete data foundation.

Data integration becomes a challenge because organizations deal with current and historical data, diverse sources, complex data models, huge volumes of data, and demand for real-time results. An efficient data integration solution not only combines various existing ‘islands of information’, but also plugs into new ‘islands of information’ with ease to present a complete, accurate, and futuristic view of business, delivering an information infrastructure that will meet strategic business intelligence initiatives.

Capabilities in data integration

• Integration of various types of structured or unstructured data sources
• Data quality management: Profiling, cleansing, and conforming
• ETL analysis, design, and development
• ETL performance optimization
• Metadata management
• Building reusable ETL framework
• Implementation of data scrambling techniques
• ETL security model implementation and administration
• Round-the-clock support to ETL job, including maintenance and monitoring

• Tools
o Oracle Warehouse Builder
o Pentaho Kettle
o Talend
o Informatica

• Technologies
o Perl
o C++
o PL/SQL and SQL Server




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