“Think Locally - Work Globally” is driven by a passion to deliver the most innovative and cost effective solutions to its clients. We provide a combination of engineering consultancy, offshore engineering services, and turnkey solutions. Working collaboratively with our clients' engineering management teams, Bhavna Corp. has established a strong track record of reducing costs, improving quality, accelerating time to market, enhancing productivity, and cost effectively scaling engineering resources. At Bhavna Corp., we believe that we are a collection of our individual talents and by working together; we can build a global force to achieve common and individual goals. Our people are the most important assets of our company, where we foster a “Participative Culture”.

Bhavna Corp. is an “open book” company that operates with full transparency so we can become an extension of our clients' organizations. We are heavily committed to continuous improvement and exceeding our clients' performance expectations. Bhavna Corp. only succeeds if our clients succeed. Whether the objective is cost reduction, time to market, quality improvement, productivity enhancement, or cost effective resource scaling, our commitment is total. Bhavna Corp. does not view the relationship as supplier and client, but rather as ONE team.

Bhavna Corp. has developed not just a strong team of developers, technologists, and QA personnel, but also a proven set of metrics, processes, and benchmarks, which are continually improved and updated. As part of our collaboration efforts, Bhavna Corp.’s model includes transfer of this intellectual property so that our clients' can incorporate our processes and metrics into their organizations for ongoing improvement.