Organizations have always been challenging software systems to solve newer and more complex problems by pushing boundaries of the existing technologies. It has been a perpetual race to implement better ways to facilitate operational efficiency, productivity, and save money through the usage of such competent software systems/products. The impact that the ever-changing face of technology has on businesses, compels organizations to look at various business avenues for their growth and survival.
The importance of technological evolution is nicely summarized by Lehman’s laws of software evolution, which says:
• Software systems must adapt to changes continuously or they progressively become less desirable
• As a system evolves, its complexity increases unless work is done to maintain or reduce it
• The quality of a software system will appear to be declining unless it is adapted for the changing business and technology environments.
To better prepare for the future, the impact of the changes in technology and markets, needs to be assessed, not just in terms of potential threats, but also as opportunities. For example, advancements in technologies such as big data and mobility have enabled organizations to process large volumes of data or scale their systems to billions of users, and provide services to users on mobile devices.
Architecture Evolutionping is a process of technology planning to achieve short-term and long-term business goals, while adhering to the business vision. It is a structured methodology for exploring and planning relationships between evolving markets, products, and emerging technologies over time.
Architecture Evolutionping As a Service in Bhavna
Our Architecture Evolutionping Service can help you fulfill all your technology-planning needs as applicable to your scenario. As a part of Architecture Evolutionping, Bhavna offers the following services:
• Assessment and identification of critical focus areas such as products, support systems, & tools
• Identification and definition of technology drivers in the focus area for which a roadmap will be prepared
• Roadmapping
o Technology solutions for identified targets
o Identification of risks, show stoppers, and planning for alternative methodology in those cases
• Recommendations report on technologies and best practices for adoption
• Adoption plan with information about probable milestones and checkpoint


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