The market trend today for most independent software vendors (ISVs) is to build customizable BI tools that suit the needs of their clients. Bhavna has partnered with various ISVs and helped them convert their product concepts into full-fledged mature products. Bhavna has partnered with some leading names in the BI world such as Microsoft and MicroStrategy for more than five years now.
With its proven processes, unique service offerings, highly-skilled professionals, and delivery excellence model, Bhavna ensures a value addition at every stage of product development.

Key features of our offering include

• Customization or enhancement of the existing BI product
• Testing of BI tools to ensure high quality and position of the client’s product in the market
• End-to-end development of product concept (including requirements gathering, deployment, and production and post-production support)
• The Bhavna delivery model also focuses on scalability, performance, extensibility, and maintainability of the product in addition to the normal product development life cycle




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Bhavna is an “open book” company that operates with full transparency so we can become an extension of our clients' organizations.

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