The right EHR adapts to your practice, not the other way around. That flexibility frees you to pursue your specialty practice goals – such as seeing more patients, improving outcomes, or more efficiently capturing reimbursements. By capturing data while accommodating your existing workflow, our EHR reduces redundancies and automates processes to improve operational efficiency. A national network of thousands of renowned specialty groups already trust their practice to the SRS EHR solution – here are a few reasons why:

EHR is the best-of-breed solution for high-performance, high-volume specialists, achieving the Black Book Ranking of #1 rating in Ophthalmology and #2 rating in Orthopaedics in 2016.

Data flexibility features allow EHR to optimize discrete data collection without disrupting clinical workflows.

Our patent-pending Smart Workflows® and Flexible Data Platform offer a revolutionary step forward in data capture and management for specialists.

EHR has been developed in part via input from actual users, a client advisory board of high-performance practices, and participants in our annual Hackathon and User Summit.


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