Quality and Speed both are equally important in today’s world for businesses to stay successful. To assure both, leading organizations leverage the increasing synergy between development teams and operations teams through an integrated DevOps model. The adoption of a DevOps culture and the tools and practices that comprise DevOps is being driven by the need for continuous collaboration and delivery.

Some of the key drivers include:

• The increasing need to develop or deploy cloud-based applications
• A greater need for simultaneous deployment across different platforms
• Business pressures to release apps more quickly into production
• The need for greater collaboration between development and operations teams
• An increasingly complex IT infrastructure that is part physical, part virtualized, and part cloud


Bhavna has helped clients achieve Quality benefits by providing services including:


• Automated and continuous Quality monitoring
• Automated provisioning of virtualized test environments
• Standardized processes, templates, guidelines & checklists for DevOps
• Integration build, deployment, end-to-end test automation, & reporting
• Integration of Bhavna’s DevOps solutions and engineers with clients’ DevOps teams

At Bhavna, we standardize efforts and ensure accelerated time to market with DevOps Testing. We also focus on delivering improved deployment quality and greater operational efficiency. Bhavna’s CI testing experts boast of a rich experience in Continuous Integration testing and can configure and execute popular CI tools such as Agile GO, Cruise Control, Chef, Puppet, Microsoft TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson and so on, helping client’s DevOps teams.


Bhavna’s DevOps Test Center of Excellence provides a host of services including:


• DevOps readiness and maturity assessment: Assess the current state of DevOps adoption, processes, and tools against the DevOps maturity model
• DevOps in QA implementation: Implement standardized process, frameworks and tools into the DevOps set up
• Automated test orchestration solutions: Build end-to-end automated solutions for Continuous Testing that work with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools
• Tool feasibility and recommendations: Identify best fit tools to accelerate software delivery



Bhavna’s in-depth expertise in the DevOps arena enables clients to:


• Accelerate the release of applications into production
• Sustain continuous feedback and improvement across the software lifecycle
• Reduce time to market through streamlined testing and continuous delivery
• Improve efficiency and utilization of resources
• Foster an environment of:
o Collaborative Development (increased collaboration between teams and cultural shift for better collaboration)
o Continuous Testing (integration of automated software testing with deployment and operations that improve code quality)
o Continuous Release and Deployment (for faster time to market and frequency in response to business changes), and
o Continuous monitoring (that helps improve quality by monitoring performance)








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